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Advocate Rajesh Kshetry is an inspiration for the people of Shantipur, Nadia. He is a well-known Advocate providing legal services and solutions to his clients across the state. He has started his legal career individually in 2008 by forming his own Consultancy Firm, namely, M/s Kshetry And Associates, though has been in this field for almost last 17 years. 

Born on 27th August 1985 and a perfectionist by nature, in an age of just 35 he owns 2 (two) Law firms in India which is popularly known as Kshetry And Associates & ShaineLex Advisors LLP. Apart from that, he is associated with various other companies such as Stepsworth Estates Private Limited, Riddesh Productions Private Limited, Innerwork Advisors LLP, Police News Press (A News House), apart from others, as Legal Advisor.

He serves all his clients, including individuals and companies in various types of matters, such as, Civil Matters, Land related Litigations, Constitutional Law, Government Matters, Money laundering cases, Real Estate cases and Criminal Cases, Company Matters etc. sincerely and to the best of his ability.

Apart from the Legal Services he always lends his helping hands towards helpless and distressed people. To bring positive changes in the society, he is working  tirelessly towards uplifting of the lives of innocent prisoners where they have entangled themselves incorrectly in false/wrong cases, legal issues, under privileged children, their families, orphans and persons of old age home, and slum dwellers as also to bring positive behavioral changes in the lives of prisoners. For this work his N.G.O. namely Kshetry Foundation, is reaching out to help those, who are knee deep in their own problem. He can be aptly titled ‘Knight in Shining Armour’ for those who are suffering alone, waiting for someone to hold their hand or be beside them to help them and guide them to the right path. Apart from that, being a Dog Lover, he has done several activities towards the benefit of street Dogs, and helped them in distress. He is always by their side to help them to the best of his ability.

 He was an obedient student throughout in his school life earlier in Bholananda Ashram, Upendra Vidya Bhawan and later in Bapuji Vidya Bhawan, and completed his graduation in Law from Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag.


His Special Abilities:

He has a good understanding with various departments and works for the welfare of the poor people in distress. He has a unique style of arguing his cases. He has larger than-life persona about him that commands attention. He is a very persuasive person, has vast knowledge on law and legal intricacies.

Rajesh Kshetry’s intellectual comprehension of the facts and law is accurate. He has the confidence to formulate a proposition that cannot go wrong or can be faulted. He knows the art of putting the point across with such force and conviction, that it usually sways the judges.

He thinks that if an individual lawyer wants to be a good Advocate then the person must have the ability and desire to read each case thoroughly and regulate with dedication and concentration. One must always keep their mind clear with fresh ideas. He emphasizes and believes that hard work is the main content to be a good lawyer.

Among, all his works, he has done wide spread services by standing beside the common people at all hours to ensure safety, protection and guide them into the right path in legal matters.


Career Evolvement in Law:

In his late teenage, he took people’s sorrows and difficulties into his own hands and guided them to the right path and fought for them without having any professional leader’s guide. He was intelligent enough to think and decide the right choice. He always used to be concerned towards Public Benefits. Helping and doing good work for the society gives him a different kind of pleasure.

In 2004, he started his career in Nabadwip by being a guide to helpless people in Ganga Action Plan, where he has played a role of an astonishing mentor to them and helped them get their compensation in the Land Acquisition matter. After executing this matter with his brilliant execution plan, he took another land matter related to the Irrigation Department where the client’s land had been converted into Drainage. One after another he has solved various matters and helped loads of people with his intelligence. After working for few years, he started working outside Nadia.

In 2007, he took a very complicated matter in Katwa, Burdwan where The Government had taken the land for Telephone Exchange in the year 1983-1984 but the land owners were deprived from getting compensation of their land. Later with the help of Advocate Rajesh Kshetry and his extraordinary and diligent hard-work, the deprived owners got their compensation after years of struggle.

After dealing a few successful cases like these, he decided to be an Advocate, as earlier he used to work as a Consultant only. Thereafter he started studying along with work. In spite of being very young, he proved himself mature with his decisions and dealt with several remarkable cases.

By 2010, Advocate Rajesh Kshetry earned appreciation from approx. 160 clients by doing the matter of Katwa Stadium and helped the clients get their compensation. In the matter of Katwa Girls College where the client was deprived of their compensation by the Government inspite of the High Court Order. The client was not getting their compensation even the District Magistrate appeared in the High Court regarding this matter and finally in 2021, finally the client got justice and received the cheque of the compensation amount after passing of so many dates.

In 2011, Advocate Rajesh Kshetry started his office at High Court area and thereafter he started working in Kolkata and other surrounding areas.

By 2013, he acquired such a place where he started getting various types of matters at same time and achieved several valuable clients for whom he was able to be a part of remarkable judgments. Such works are water tank matter in Howrah, Mutation matters, Land Acquisition and Land Reforms etc.

Currently, he is the best in dealing with Civil, Land, Criminal, K.M.C., Tribunals, B.L.L.R.O., Arbitration, Banking matters.Also filed a few matters in the Supreme Court of India including special leave petitions and other matters.

Born in a village, starting his career in rural areas and establishing himself in the state is a work of bravery and is very inspiring for others like him to shine as well.