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Civil Law

Civil Law

Advocate Rajesh Kshetry is a milestone for civil law solutions in Calcutta with assured quality services. He is the best civil lawyer in Kolkata who understands the divergence of legal work. He has a huge experience in serving clients, both citizens, and immigrants, saving the lives of innocents. With a true dedication toward the clients, he strives to encourage genuine litigation. Being in this respective field since 2008, advocate Rajesh Kshetry can help you deal with your judicial affairs by fighting for your free speech and civil rights. He is also a remarkable and certified mediator who hears out disputes from both parties prior to any litigation.

Mr. Kshetry ensures clients have full confidence about their legal matters that will be handled with full priority and attention.

What is Civil Law?

Unlike any criminal law, Civil Law involves amendments and acts that deal with organizational disputes or human disputes, where, when winning the case, offers compensation and justice to the victim.

A very common example of civil law case is Personal Injury. Any case where a victim is harmed by another person or business falls under the Civil Lawsuit.

The key role of Civil Law is to offer all citizens a view of all the laws and judges they must follow when filing a Civil Case Lawsuit. Civil Law can also be compared to administrative law, military law, constitutional law, and international law. Any legal cases causing problems to individuals under such categories are thereby eligible for a Civil Lawsuit.

An In-depth View of Types of Civil Cases

Tort Claims

A “tortious”/ “tort” case is an illegal act where there is a breach o contract, property, or reputation, resulting in the injury of a second person. Whatsoever may be the case, the injured person is entitled to compensation. Tort Claims include things like personal injury, defamation, medical malpractice, fraud, and many more

Landlord/Tenant Issues

Examples of such cases include issues where a tenant is trying to sue his landlord for the return of a security deposit after moving out of the house. Or a situation where the landlord is trying to evict his tenant from his rental property for misbehavior or other factors.

Equitable Claims

An “equitable claim” is a situation where the petitioner asks the court to put a stop or take some action against a party. It may or may not involve claiming monetary damage or collateral, but only a temporary restraining order to stop something. It can be the destruction of property, the improper transferring of land, etc

Civil Law/Common Law Areas:

Being the best civil lawyer in Kolkata, advocate Rajesh Kshetry has the rightful amount of experience and history to secure verdicts and settlements for his clients. His steadfast commitment to taking a stand for justice around the nation sets him apart from any other lawyers in this firm. He is a notable attorney for many victims who face negligence and wrongdoings.

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