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Company Law

Company Law

A company is an organization that involves business innovation and entrepreneurship. It carries various names like “corporation”, “partnership”, “association”, “joint stock company”, “trust”, “fund”, or “organized group of persons”. Indian Company Laws are mainly contained under the Indian Companies Act, 1956. This is a law/act that determines or allows the formation and incorporation of companies with operations in India.

The Indian Companies Act also processes the dealing of disputes inside the company which might include money laundering, scam, employee harassment, etc. The National Company Law Tribunal Where any to every company dispute matters are taken up. The role of an Indian company lawyer matters a lot for advising on the Indian company laws. Advocate Rajesh Kshetry is the best business lawyer in Kolkata who offers expert assistance in legal business setups that involve substances like associated firms, restricted risk, etc.

Important services of company law

  • Legal advice by experts
  • Advice for NCLT matters
  • Incorporation and formation of a company
  • Compliance with the ROC
  • Taxation advice related to company affairs and its operations
  • Legal documentation, compliance with the company laws
  • Legal services related to the drafting of agreements pertaining to takeovers, LLP, LLC, etc.
  • Registration of foreign companies
  • Company law litigation matters
  • Company formation and incorporation services

Advocate Rajesh Kshetry is a top-notch business lawyer who offers all types of assistance from setting up organizations to offering expert assistance in legal business setups. He resolves to serve the requirements of proprietors, financial backers, uniting organizations, capital, and innovation helping his customers to accomplish their goals and vision.