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Constitutional Law​

Constitutional Law

Living in a democratic country, the Constitutional Law Lawyer is a blessing in disguise for the citizens of the country. It allows equal fundamental rights to every living human and even rightfully protect them from any injustice. Advocate Rajesh Kshetry is a Kolkata-based attorney engaged in the resolution of civil, criminal, constitutional, land, company, etc. law disputes. Advocate Rajesh Kshetry Litigates cases like infrastructure contracts, money recovery, property taxes, arbitration securities, and debt recovery. With an expertise of over 20 years, Mr. Kshetry Is also a certified mediator as well as an advisor on negotiation and dispute resolution.

What is Constitutional Law?

Constitutional law is a law defining the strengths of the legislature, the executive, and the Judiciary. As anyone they must be knowing that the constitution, as well as the constitutional laws, are the 2 very important factors for effective governance in the state. It is the constitutional law lawyers who help maintain the law and order of any state.

Six Fundamental Rights In the Constitution of India:

“The Writ” Is a court order by which the High Court or the Supreme Court commands an individual or any authority to do or restrain from doing an act.

A “Public Interest Litigation” (PIL) Is litigation filed in a court of law that ensures the protection of public interest. It is not necessary for the victim to personally approach the court.  However, PIL is the power of rights given to the public by the courts. Usually, such cases happen when the victim doesn’t have the needful resources, or his rightful freedom to file litigation.  Though in such cases, the Court can always take a suo moto cognizance of the situation and proceed on petitions.

Protection of public interest includes cases like Pollution, Terrorism, Road Safety, Constructional Hazards, etc.

“Special Leave Petitions” Or SLP is the residual power provided in the hands of the “Supreme Court”. It is a law That provides special permission to be heard in the Supreme Court in an appeal against any gross injustice or judgment of any court or tribunal in the Indian territory.

Mr. Rajesh Kshetry encompasses a number of countrywide victories. Advocate Rajesh Kshetry has by far achieved huge success in various constitutional litigations over these years.

With maximum satisfied clients, Advocate Rajesh Kshetry is one of those famous constitutional law lawyers who is a very efficient, experienced, Professional litigator in constitutional law. This great personality is also engaged with communities, tribunals, highest judicial platforms like the high courts and Supreme Court. He has a great in-depth knowledge of constitutional articles and clauses that aim for effective constitutional law solutions.

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