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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Tribunal facilitates the speedy recovery of payable debts to banks or any other financial institutions by the consumer.

DRTs were established for the passing of recovery of debts due to the Banks and Financial Institutions Act (RDBFI) 1933. The key objectives and roles of DRT are to recover the funds from borrowers. In most cases, banks and other financial institutions are real lenders. The tribunal has all the way to power with the District Court. DRT follows any legal procedure by emphasizing mostly on the speedy disposal of these fund cases and implementation of the final orders.

Work of a Debt Recovery Lawyer

  • Filing and defending cases at the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT)
  • Legal advice related to DRT matters
  • All legal services for DRT matters
  • Defending and filing appeals against the orders of DRT at DRAT
  • Bank loan restructuring advice
  • All cheque bounce matters falling under section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act
  • NBFC companies’ formation and operational issues
  • Handling all SARFASI Act Matters by banking lawyer against the NPA

Mr. Rajesh Kshetry is a recognizable and iconic debt recovery lawyer who will assist you with any kind of debt recovery case, DRAT case, and all the other legal helps needed for debt recovery. He is someone who is highly competent, reliable, and trustworthy regarding your business, money, and interest.

He may eventually help you with company formation stages, drafting, and reviewing, legal documents such as contracts, agreements, liability policies et cetera.