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Illegal Possession

Illegal Possession

Illegal possession is a major crime. It is a case that has been long witnessed in land cases by land law solicitors. The most common reasons for such a crime are:

  • Property owners are not available there for entrusting the property to their acquaintances.
  • With age and time, acquaintances might get greedy
  • Unbinding agreements with tenants.

What is Illegal Possession?

“Possession” simply implies taking control over an object which is not yours. However, there are cases where the possessor may also enjoy specific law protection against any defamation case even when it is not his or her property.

Since illegal possession is a challenging scenario and it asks for a lot of proof in order to reclaim the property, People are quite hopeful to contact real estate lawyers. Advocate Rajesh Kshetry is someone who gets these matters solved with his expertise.

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