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Matrimonial Matters

Matrimonial Matters

The matrimonial law has 4 branches – Hindu, Christian, Muslim, and Parsi Law. Each of these 4 branches of law comprises similar legal issues such as essential marriage ceremonies, civil marriages before the court/Registrar of marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, maintenance, DV Act Cases, 498A cases, inheritance, and succession, will probation, etc. Modern marriage-related disputes and litigations in India have led to the demand for lawyers who are well aware of the latest family law updates.



Mr. Rajesh Kshetry is a matrimonial lawyer in Calcutta High Court with an experience of over 20+ years. He possesses the right mindset to solve family issues. He believes that all matrimonial disputes should not always end up in divorce. He is a great advisor who is against the various misconceptions about marital laws and wrong advice. He also takes it as his social responsibility to develop harmony in the life of couples.

What factors a legal marriage?

The basic elements of marriage are:

  • Parties’ legal ability to marry each other
  • Parties’ mutual consent
  • Parties’ marriage contract as required by law