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Mutation Dispute Matters

Mutation Dispute Matters

Mutation is also termed as “Dakhil Kharij” – a process of recording the change or transfer in the ownership title of the property. Once the mutation is over, the same case gets recorded in the land revenue department to help authorities fix up the tax liabilities.

Mutation is done in many ways every time the change or transfer of ownership is established.

Two types of mutation:

  1. Mutation of Agricultural Land

It involves the case of agricultural lands, which raises the question of land ownership. In this scenario, the transfer of ownership is regarded as legal only when the mutation process has been duly completed and recorded in the revenue records.

  1. Mutation of Non-Agricultural Land

In this case, it involves properties such as independent houses, flats, and residential plots. Such a case does not take away the rights of the new owner even if his records aren’t updated in the mutation.


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