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Property Dispute Matters

Property Dispute Matters

With the increase in real estate prices in India, the growth of property dispute lawyers has also increased. Property lawyers in India are required to deal with all the property matters in India from the legal services point of view. The main Indian legal services in such dispute matters include land disputes, partitions, wealth tax, property sale and purchase, property mutation, property tax assessment, house tax, property valuation, and documentation deeds, etc.

Importance of Property Rights

It is the rights of a property that ensure the owner to be entrepreneurial. The ownership of any property helps the owner with his wealth and prosperity.

Legal services for property law

  • Legal advice on subjects of property law.
  • Stop advice on all matters of house tax, mutation, assessment of property with municipal authorities, and house tax authorities.
  • legal advice on family settlements, partition, and relinquishment of property between family members.
  • Documentation services for property laws in India.
  • Technological legal advice and legal services for all real estate projects, housing colonies, townships, and societies.
  • Litigation services in the fields of property law
  • Filing and defending of suit for a declaration regarding the property
  • Filing of suit for partition by metes and bounds for immovable property


Advocate Rajesh Kshetry is one of the few noteworthy property dispute lawyers who offer expert services to property law with a wide range of related legal services. He has over 20 years of experience in legal law practice in different fields. Rest assured, his clients are his pride, and his dedication to serving justice is his constant motivation.