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Registration and Searching

Registration and Searching

With over 20+ years of experience in the various facets of the law industry, advocate Rajesh Kshetry is one of the meticulous power of attorneys who focuses and strives to provide end-to-end trademark search registration services.

With the aforesaid services, he is a perfectionist assisting people in protecting his clients’ intellectual property hassle free and without compromising on his expertise.

The main aim/objective Of the Trade Marks Act Is to register the search trademarks the better protection of the trademark for goods and services, thus also ignoring/preventing any fraudulent usage.

Understanding The Importance of TRADEMARK

  • A trademark protects your brand’s products and services. It is the trademark of your brand that showcases your uniqueness
  • Trademarks can speak for themselves.
  • Trademarks are valuable assets and it helps customers find your brand.
  • Trademarks make it easier for you to hire easily

What differentiates advocate Rajesh Kshetry from others in the state is his dedication and progressive mindset to serve clients in India and abroad.

What Is The Registration Act?

An act imposed in 1908, the registration act is a consolidating act that is extended all over India except the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Because of the lofty ethics of the registration system that once prevailed in India, it has changed the long-existing falsified scenario.