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Sashanka Shekhar Ray Case

Sashanka Shekhar Ray Case

Date of Incident and events that followed

On 23/10/2022 around 8.30 p.m. Mr. Sashanka Sekhar Ray and his family were celebrating Diwali and the children were bursting crackers. Around that time a rocket or a shell cracker burst loudly in the lower neighboring area and some neighbors came around and claimed that it had entered their house.

After that a chain of incidents followed which led to tremendous amount of distress to Mr. Ray and his family. Some neighborhood ruffians namely Auto, Bapi G, Liton, Bairagi, Kaushik D, Debu and others barged into their house and started spurting expletives, they were in an inebriated state and upon defending himself and his family the accused started a physical brawl. They grievously hurt Mr. Ray’s mother Usha Ray, who is an elderly lady of 63 years, inappropriately touched and assaulted Mr. Rays wife, Anupa Tiwari and injured his elder brother Chandra Sekher Ray, elder sister-in-law Pooja Rai and elderly father Baban Roy. Anupa Tiwari was kicked and assaulted so much so that that she suffered a miscarriage. Mrs. Usha Ray the elderly mother was beaten up to such an extent that she suffered several major injuries like multiple fractures. When several neighbours came to help the family they were also manhandled. The situation got out of hand and the local club people had to be called and finally the family upon the arrival of the ward councilor went to the Uttarpara Police Station to lodge a official complaint on 24/10/2022.

Turmoil faced by the Mr. Sashanka Sekhar Ray and his family

Mr. Ray’s elderly mother namely Mrs. Usha Ray was beaten and attacked heinously by the mob of people she was assaulted with bricks, lathi and rods which caused multiple fractures on her body. She had to be admitted in the hospital and be operated upon. Her right forearm was seriously injured and due to multiple fractures in the bone she had to undergo surgery where titanium nails were inserted into her arm for recovery. Even after discharge from hospital she was unable to move and was practically bed ridden. The doctors were not sure whether she would be able to recover fully and resume normal activities. The bereaved family not only suffered mental and physical distress but huge medical expenses. On the other hand, Anupama Tiwari who suffered a miscarriage went into a state of mental shock and depression.

Even after lodging a complaint with the Police station the men responsible for such shameful acts fled the situation and were not arrested. Later the police arrested a few of the notorious men but three of them went absconding. These miscreants were often found near Mr. Ray’s neighborhood lurking around the family home and passing threatening looks to the family members. Mr. Sashanka Sekhar Ray and Mr. Chandra Sekhar Ray being the breadwinner of thefamily, had to go to work and were scared for the lives of their elderly parents, wives and children. Even after repeated requests to arrest the absconding people and provide protection to the family members the police turned a blind eye. The family was fed up of making unfruitful requests to the police authorities as the police neglected their duties and did not investigate the case properly.

Advocate Rajesh Kshetry provided his help

Then Mr. Sashanka Sekhar Ray finally decided to appeal to court and turned to learned counsel Mr. Rajesh Kshetry for help. Advocate Rajesh Kshetry tirelessly appealed to the court not to grant bail to the accused persons. Mr. Rajesh Kshetry appealed the High Court to protect the Fundamental Rights of Mr. Sasankha Sekhar Ray and his family who are law abiding citizens and provide them with necessary relief and compensation.

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